Compensator / Flash Hider, 10/22

Regular price $13.99

For stainless steel 10/22 rifles, this polished nickel "stainless steel" muzzle brake with flash hider compliments your rifle's stainless finish to give it the tactical military look and advantage of a military firearm.  This muzzle brake incorporates a muzzle brake WITH a flash hider all in one unit.    Don't confuse this precision MADE IN USA steel muzzle brake / flash hider combo with cheap plastic flash hiders.   This high quality steel muzzle brake / flash hider is made to exacting tolerances for a precision slip fit over the muzzle of your rifle, secured by a single set screw on the bottom, with no modifications to your 10/22.  Especially if you have folding stock on your rifle, this muzzle brake / flash hider unit is an easy choice to get your rifle looking right.