To whom it may concern, I just wanted to take a moment to state how pleased I am with the Mini-14 flash suppressor I recently purchased through your site. In all my years as a Mini-14 collector/shooter, it is the finest fitting muzzle accessory I have purchased/used to date. Do you make these hider's 'in-house'? If so, give your machinist a raise! The craftsmanship, and apparent sturdiness of it, is excellent. It rivals the more expensive mini muzzle accessories offered by Choate, and others. For the money and simplicity of application, it can't be beat IMHO. Thank you again for offering such a fine product! Yours truly, Joe


Innovative Industries,
I Just purchased the 10/22 flash hider in the Satin Nickle finish to match my Stainless Ruger.  I've shopped the internet for a few days finding competitor versions that were grey in appearance and looked to belong in a kids toy catalog.  I chose this one for sheer vanity purposes because I wanted it to match my barrel.  When it arrived, (which took only 3 days) I quickly pulled out my gun and put it on to see a perfect match.  Beyond being pleased with the looks, the product fit tight but not so tight that I had to use a hammer during installation - like other reviews I read of the competitors.  The Allen screw tightened nicely and threads seemed strong.  I've bought a lot of junk on the internet, this product does not fall in that category.


Thank you for offering a USA made brake, with a press fit, I just bought and NCstar pc of junk and sent it back. The OD of the brake was .025 bigger & the slot was .050 larger than whats on the ruger, it is so loose it would be a dangerous item to put on the end of a gun.
Just bought yours. Jim



Thank you Jeff! I received my flash hider today. Installed nicely on my 10/22.

The black oxide color also matches up perfectly to my Ruger's factory blued barrel. Excellent machined quality as well. This one is much nicer than any cheapie plastic ones I've seen.

Thank you for a great high quality item. Makes my rifle look much more tactical too!




Gentlemen, I received the Flash Hider for my 10-22 rifle and it is EXACTLY what you described . The quality is what I was looking for, at a fair price. I will be purchasing more items from you.  Yours Truly, Martin